Darin Plaza Hotel

Darin Restaurant

The Spa menu at Darin restaurant is inspired by the traditional Mediterranean diet and lifestyle: healthy, sun-kissed, wholesome and natural. Executive Chef Hiwa Rashid emphasizes the best meats, fish, olive oil, fresh herbs, and unprocessed foods, grill cooking and fresh squeezed juices. The philosophy of living and eating well is an integral part of the Mediterranean culture and is the same philosophy that forms the foundation of the integral living mission of Darin group as a company.

Hours: 11:00 A.M.10:00 P.M.
Located lower Lobby level

The Tranquil Spa at Darin Plaza was designed in harmony within the hotel environment. Experience luxurious facial and body treatment or traditional relaxing massage in a soothing setting

Relax and rejuvenate yourself with aromatic herbal health. You will refresh your exhausted body and your fatigued mind and enjoy yourself with traditional message and aroma therapy treatments. The Tranquil Spa includes complete range of treatments, body exfoliation, sauna and indoors swimming pool.