Darin Plaza Hotel
Chef Creations to Feed Every Palate

Darin Restaurant

Darin restaurant is becoming an Erbil attraction in its own right and proudly upholds Drain’s decades-long tradition of fine hospitality. Vast menu of buffet and A la Cart, featuring Mediterranean, oriental and Turkish cuisine; the feel of turquoise, white and earth-tone colors reminds you of home.

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Darin Café

It is not hard to understand why this café, whose low-key style is enhanced with comfortable sofas, colorful chairs and mirrored art work, is a favorite place for Erblights as well as Darin Plaza guests meeting for a casual bites or a drink of choice

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Darin restaurant spa-inspired menu

The Spa menu at Darin restaurant is inspired by the traditional Mediterranean diet and lifestyle: healthy, sun-kissed, wholesome and natural. Executive Chef Hiwa Rashid emphasizes the best meats, fish, olive oil, fresh herbs, and unprocessed foods, grill cooking and fresh squeezed juices.

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