Darin Plaza Hotel

Nearby Attractions

Short 5 minute drive is Sami Abdul-Rahman Park, the largest park in Iraq, its placid lake and fragrant rose gardens charm locals and visitors alike. Spend an afternoon leisurely strolling its tree-lined lanes and lush gardens. Savor the delights of a tamarind sorbet on the terrace of a lagoon-side cafe, or just enjoy a moment of quiet on a park bench.

The Erbil Citadel, the oldest citadel in the world, features colorful markets and inspiring antique architecture, much of it well preserved and adorned with beautiful blue arabesque designs. Visit the Citadel and be transported via its winding streets to a bygone era, where street merchants sell the same kind of pottery their ancestors sold at the time of the Arabian Nights. From the heights of the Citadel, you can enjoy sweeping panoramas of green parks, the onion domes of mosques, and government buildings in modern Erbil.

The Kurdish Textile Museum also located within the walls of the Citadel, is the best place to discover the rainbow finery of this colorful tradition, as well as admire the charming historic building in which it is housed.

Hawler Park, just ten minutes from the hotel, is located in the heart of downtown Erbil. A pleasant, modern reinterpretation of the old Souk market at the Citadel, its cafes and shops line long arcades facing impressive fountains in the broad central plaza.